California Energy Commission – Services for Proposed Power Plants

Engineering and Environmental Assessments of Soil & Water Resources and Alternatives for Water Supply/Cooling Systems for Proposed Power Plants Seeking License from the California Energy Commission
Mr. Kessler has performed engineering and environmental analyses of Soil & Water Resources for a number of proposed power plants since 2001. His contributions have included the following projects:
• Victorville 2 Hybrid Power Project
• Humboldt Bay Repowering Project
• CPV Sentinel Energy Project*
• Panoche Energy Center*
• Walnut Creek Energy Park
• Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility
• Blythe Energy Project Transmission Line Modifications
• Blythe II Energy Project*
• San Joaquin Valley Energy Center
• Palomar Power Plant
• Tesla Power Plant*
• Inland Empire Energy Center
• Russell City Energy Center
• East Altamont Energy Center*
• Valero Cogeneration Project

(* indicates services included preparation of an Alternative Water Supply & Cooling Assessment)