• Price Geographic Consulting (PGC) provides services and products to  clients needing assistance in collecting  geographic data, analyzing it,  preparing it for use and creating maps, graphics and reports for in-house use or to satisfy regulations or requirements of regulatory agencies.
Inundation Zone

Inundation Map developed with GIS software.

  • Price Geographic Consulting serves the Hydroelectric, Municipal / Public Works, Natural & Water Resources, Wetlands / Rare Plants /Habitats,  Civil Engineering,Land Use Planning, Parcel / Cadastral, Environmental and other sectors.
  • Products include Dam Failure inundation mapping, inundation illustrations, GPS data collection, sewer, water and electrical system map sets, zoning maps, cadastral parcel atlas, engineering development plans, GIS database and layer development, water resource mapping, natural resource mapping and many other types of GIS products and services.
  • Other consulting activities include voter Re-districting, Land Planning & Development, Annexation maps, Agriculture, Forestry, Aerial and Ground Photography.
  • PGC uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS), CAD systems, GPS technology, and high resolution digital cameras to collect and process data, create of mapping data sets  and create effective map sets,  slides,  exhibits and other products.

Peak Flood Polygon overlayed on georeferenced source imagery, with resulting channel scouring shown in green.

  • PGC develops work plans that provide the solution that you desire, that will satisfy your purposes with efficient methods that are competitive.
  • Founder and Principal Andrew Price has a background that includes GIS mapping, civil engineering design, photography and photo interpretation, experience in water resources mapping and studies, flood mapping, GPS data collection, feild surveys, Cad and GIS training, and a broad understanding of civic infrastructure systems as well as physical and cultural geography.
  • International business is welcome. PGC will assist foreign clients in project design, data collection, GIS program development, project implimentation and any other services that are needed. We can help locate basemapping data such as aerial imagery, topography, demographic, roads and jurisdictional boundaries. One if our specialties is the conversion of paper maps of sewer, water and electrical systems into digital GIS mapping files and systems. Please email or call to discuss what we can do for you.